What is the Ultimate Lifestyle?

Since the mission of this newsletter is to help you define,
carve out, and live your own Ultimate Lifestyle, I figured I
should devote some space to laying a proper foundation for
doing that.

Before you can hit a target, you need to know where it is!
So, to begin, let’s answer the question:

What is The Ultimate Lifestyle?

First of all, it’s different for different people. There are
no rules or formulas. For some people, it means a lot of
money, lots of “stuff,” a fast-paced and “jet-set” sort of
lifestyle. For others, it means a very simple, slow-paced
life that focuses on service to others. And for others, it’s
every possible scenario in between these two “extremes.”

There’s no right or wrong lifestyle, or good or bad

There’s just what works for you — and it will likely change
over time. I know it has for me.

No matter how you end up defining Ultimate Lifestyle for
yourself, now and in the future, there are 8 components that
must be considered:

1) Income Streams

To live your Ultimate Lifestyle, you must have income
streams flowing that allow you to pay your bills and finance
all the “extras” you prefer. To me, the ultimate target to
shoot for in this arena is to have income streams flowing
whether you “show up” for “work” or not, so you can choose
what you want to show up for (even if it continues to be
what you call “work” or a “job.”).

That’s what I’ve been able to achieve by applying my
Invisible Path/11th Element strategies combined with direct
marketing on and off the Internet.

Having income streams flowing whether you show up or now
seems like “pie in the sky” to many people, but it’s
actually very attainable in today’s world. You’ll learn more
about how to do it in future issues.

2) Emotions and Beliefs

Many people fail to create their Ultimate Lifestyle because
they have emotional blocks, issues, or beliefs (what I call
“p.s’s.” or “master biography files”) that hold them back.
Other people have produced extraordinary results and could
live their Ultimate Lifestyle, but their blocks, issues or
beliefs prevent them from doing it — or fully enjoying it.

Therefore, living The Ultimate Lifestyle must include having
access to resources and inner skills that allow you to
uncover and remove, heal, or release any blocks, issues or
beliefs that hold you back. You’ll learn more about how to
do that in future issues.

3) Fulfillment and Satisfaction

Whether you have a 9-5 job and career, you’re a full-time
mom, or whatever you do with your time, a big part of living
The Ultimate Lifestyle means getting as much fulfillment and
satisfaction from what you spend your time on as possible.

Many people don’t ask for this, don’t focus on this, and
therefore don’t get it. You must make it part of your
intention and focus!

4) Living Environment

How and where do you want to live? In the mountains? In the
big city? On the water? Multiple homes? Do you want to live
in a big home or a small home? Is privacy or seeing
beautiful scenery out your windows important to you? Do you
like modern furnishings, antiques, or an eclectic mix?
Living the Ultimate Lifestyle means asking these questions
and having a home base that nourishes you at a very deep
level. My family recently moved to Charlottesville, Virginia
in pursuit of the nourishing living environment we craved —
and we got it, even better than we expected!

5) Relationships

What good is having income streams, a healthy emotional
life, empowering belief systems, a great living environment,
and a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from how you
spend you time if you’re alone (and don’t want to be) or
your relationships with significant others (parents,
siblings, kids, associates, etc.) are a mess? Believe me, I
know about this one from long personal experience (before
meeting my wife, Cecily).

Therefore, living The Ultimate Lifestyle must include having
access to resources and inner skills that allow you to
attract, build, and maintain healthy relationships.

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